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4 promises of Collagen

Okay okay, we’ll share some of our new year’s resolutions with you! Because in all honesty: it’s part of the deal for january. 2017 was the year in which we learned a lot more about collagen. That’s why we get to make you a couple of promises. Here they come:

Collagen strengthens bones and joints
Your bones, joints and cartilage are all mostly made from collagen. The fluid (gel) in between your joints consists of collagen too. More fluid means more supple joints and less wear. As you grow older, the percentage of collagen in your connective tissue reduces. You’ll feel more stiff and you might get some minor ailments. The solution? Just add collagen! Stir a scoop into your coffee or tea, for example.

It reduces wrinkles and creates a more beautiful skin
From your 25th on upwards, the production of collagen by your body starts to reduce with increasing rate. Age 30 onwards this process increases exponentially. This leads to wrinkles and flabby skin. Those beauty creams with ‘added collagen’ ? Please leave them be! Your skin cannot absolve that collagen. What you need is a product your body can work with. By orally ingesting collagen you’ll create ‘the beauty from the inside out!’

Collagen makes your hair en nails stronger
Because your hair and nails are mostly made up of keratin, a fibrous protein. Proteins need amino acids to function properly. Guess what: collagen is rich in these amino acids. Your nails will be strong and your hair will get this lovely glow when your body receives enough amino acids to work with. In addition: you’ll see that both your hair and your nails will grow faster!

And it’s easily soluble
Collagen powder dissolves really well. Especially when it’s mixed into a warm drink or dish. In cold drinks it works fine too! No lumps, no weird flavour. A lot of people mix one daily scoop of 10 grams collagen into their morning coffee. Other tips: add it to your smoothie, yogurt, soup or tea


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