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Becoming a Sales Partner of Vital Supply?

Vital Supply is a producer of food supplements and specializes in Collagen. In addition to our webshop, we are looking for strong sales partners to optimize the distribution of the increasing demand for Collagen.

We aim to eventually distribute only through sales partners to fully focus on the production, development, innovation, quality, and marketing of the Vital Supply brand.

We are developing more and more products to become ‘The Collagen Expert’ with the largest Collagen range. When you think of Collagen, you think of Vital Supply. It would be great if your organization could benefit from this as well.


Your advantage as a sales partner of Vital Supply.

Vital Supply considers you, as a sales partner, to be ‘Part of our team’ with our full commitment! You will also benefit from the following advantages

Attractive retail margins

Support with introduction campaigns

Extensive Collagen range

Supplier to top sports athletes (anti-doping batches)

Quickly available from stock throughout Europe

Taking advantage of strongly increasing demand for Collagen

Continuously innovative products available

Scientific studies to support

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