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Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Haven't found your answer yet? Then contact us via the contact page.

We recommend taking Collagen before going to sleep, as the body actively recovers in your sleep. But use in the morning or after sports is also possible.

One measuring spoon filled to 20cc with collagen powder is equivalent to 10g (daily dosage). The product itself has a fairly neutral taste and can therefore be perfectly mixed in different drinks or even in dishes: tea, coffee, smoothies, fruit juice, yoghurt and soup.

Collagen Type 1: daily 1 scoop of 10 grams of collagen powder

Collagen Type 2: daily 3 to 6 capsules of respectively 1 to 2 grams of collagen.

Collagen Type 2: daily 3 to 6 capsules of respectively 1 to 2 gram

Collagen Type 1 represents 90% of the total 28 types that your body makes. Collagen Type 1 is holistic and is therefore found in your entire body, such as joints, muscles, bones, skin, hair, nails, veins, intestines, etc. That is why the daily 10-gram dose is also higher than that of Collagen Type 2.

Collagen Type 2 is found mainly in your connective tissue such as cartilage, tendons, ligaments, which is why it is mainly used for joint health. The daily dosage of 1 to 2 grams is lower than Collagen Type 1.

These numbers represent cc, so they are not grams.

If you fill a measuring spoon up to 20 cc, you will get exactly 10 grams of collagen powder


Fill the scoop up to the number 20 (cc) which is exactly 10 grams.

The scoop is filled up to the number 20 (cc) which is exactly 10 grams.

It is generally recommended not to take more than 0.8x a 1x your body weight in grams per day. People who exercise a lot and top athletes use a factor of 1.5x to 2x.

Peptan is a brand of the ingredient Collagen.

Peptan is a brand of the ingredient Collagen.

Vital Supply is not allowed to give medical advice. We should always refer you to your doctor when being asked this type of questions, just to be sure.

The Dutch Security System Food Supplements Elite Sports (NZVT) is a unique system that has been set up jointly by sports organizations, manufacturers, and suppliers of food supplements. By only using supplements that are part of the NZVT-system, Top-class athletes get the greatest possible certainty that food supplements do not contain any doping. Supplements are checked per batch and if it is found to be good and safe, it comes online on the NZVT anti-doping list, allowing top athletes to check for themselves whether the supplement they want to take is safe for them.