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We are getting older on average and of course, you want to experience that in the most comfortable body, so you can enjoy a fit and active lifestyle. Vital Supply is the collagen specialist
that can help you with this. Our nutritional supplements, which we offer in convenient monthly doses, contribute to this.

Vital Supply develops, among other things, nutritional supplements aimed at the mobility of our body.

Lactose & soy intolerances
People with lactose intolerance, cow’s milk protein and soy protein allergy have come to the right place at Vital Supply. Our Type 1 Hydrolysed Collagen is free of these allergens and is also easily digestible because it has already been enzymatically broken down. With the Collagen Protein from Vital Supply, you can still ingest valuable protein without complications.

Immune System

Vital Supply believes that in addition to a vital and conditionally strong body, you should also pay attention to your immune system. If you sometimes get insufficient vitamins and minerals from your
daily diet, it can affect your energy level and resistance. A healthy intestinal flora is also important for your immune system. The connective tissue around the intestines protects the digestive system. Collagen is part of this.