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Many athletes often focus only on their muscles and fitness, forgetting about the health of their joints and bones. When developing collagen supplements, Niche4health focuses on a good balance between these 4 aspects. It is important to prevent injuries and wear and tear.

With a unique amino acid profile, Collagen Peptides – a pure protein – containing high levels of the amino acids glycine, hydroxyproline, proline, alanine, and arginine, which offers specific sports benefits
related to recovery and support of connective tissue and muscles.

Whether you are an amateur athlete or a professional, if you want to push yourself to the limit, you must work on both the physical and mental level. You will have adjusted your lifestyle accordingly and to support your body you will need to find the right supplements.

Vital Supply can help you achieve your goals.


Faster & better recovery

Recovery during the post-training phase is just as important as the training itself because this is when nutrients consumed during the production of energy are replenished along with the recovery of muscle damage. Consistency and speed are the keywords. Supplements are nutrients in concentrated form with an ultra-fast absorption time, making them invaluable during the recovery phase, when the body is most receptive.

Building muscle mass

This process requires an intense discipline for fitness and weightlifting. The secret to success is to combine your training with an appropriate calorie and protein intake. This ensures that you have sufficient energy and strength during your training discipline, as well as a diet to support muscle recovery and growth. The amount of extra nutrients you need is very specific, depending on your body weight and type of training. Protein supplements are therefore one of the best options for achieving your goal.

Resistance & mental concentration

These are two factors that cannot be ignored if you want to improve your sports performance. Devoting yourself to your training, adjusting your lifestyle accordingly, and supporting your body with the right supplements will give you the energy and stimulation to meet the demands of training and competitions.

Weight loss

Only one method works: a gradual and personalized diet plan is the only safe way to guarantee long-term results. Before starting a diet, determine your strategy as follows:

Establish a calorie deficit together with your doctor or nutritionist.
Calculate your macronutrients and follow your agreed diet plan
o Train regularly
o Support your diet with the right protein supplements to reach your goal sooner and with lasting results

If you have any specific questions, we will be happy to help. Send an email
to info@vital-supply.com.